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End of the Universe: Chapter 15
Chapter 15- Metal Ghosts
The chateau was still and quiet, with nary a soul around. I slapped myself for my poor word choice. Each room we checked was the same: abandoned rotting furniture, old portraits and belongings, cracked trinkets on mantles and bookshelves, and the slime coating drenching it all. In fact, the deeper we went, the more thick and viscous the slime became, worse than the mud outside.
I jerked my foot forward, instantly plopping it down into the goo. “This stuff is going to slow us down,” I said. “You think you can burn it?”
“I can try,” she said, holding a fireball in her palm close to the goo. It receded a few inches, but it was slow going. And this method would take far too long.
“What about setting it on fire?”
“Even though the sea slime would burn, the carpet and wood panels beneath these areas would catch fire,” she said, gesturing to the ground and walls.
“Well, we could fly,” I sugg
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Chemical Ed-traction: Chapter 4
Chapter 4- Sorry, My Ed
Later that day, Edd swung by the nurse’s office, hoping to find Marie being tended to by the nurse. Unfortunately, he was too late. “No need to worry,” the nurse assured him about her injury. “A bruise and some swelling, but as long as she takes it easy for a few days, she’ll be fine.”
That was one burden off his chest and he searched high and low for Marie the rest of the day with no luck. Therefore, he resolved to come into school tomorrow during detention and catch her. She won’t be able to lose me in there.
Sure enough, early Friday morning she was in the Advanced Chemistry class, her chin in her hand while the teacher was engrossed in work on his computer. The classroom was dead empty otherwise, and completely quiet. As soon as she saw him, she tightened a fist, giving him second thoughts of approaching her. Still, they had to confront this head-on. The longer he allowed this incident to fester, the wo
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End of the Universe: Chapter 14
Chapter 14- Chateau de Pumken
A couple of hours from morning, the road gave way to wet, muddy grass and there were lakes and bodies of water as far as the eye could see, sliced here and there by narrow trails of tall weeds and grass. I shook Blaze awake. “We’re here,” I said.
We exited the vehicles, stepping out first onto the soft ground. The soldiers followed, waking up one by one. I dug my toes around in the mud, noting how after only a few inches, water pooled into my toe-made hole. Out in the marsh, dozens of trails disappeared into the distance, with a couple abruptly ending at the water’s edge. Beside me, Blaze was flipping through the history book, a flashlight clenched between her teeth.
“I don’t suppose there’s a map that could guide us through?” I asked.
“There’s a rough map of the terrain. But it’s very old, before this place was a marsh, so we can’t fully rely on it,” she said, sighing.
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Chemical Ed-traction: Chapter 3
Chapter 3- Do You Deny Ed?
“Double Dee!” Eddy shouted a third time, yanking on Edd’s beanie.
His train of thought derailed, Edd pulled out of Eddy’s hold and straightened his trusty hat. “I’m sorry. Yes?”
“I asked if you did the math homework already. I need to write them down, copy them, and sell the answers before last period,” he said. Eddy had made them a tidy profit lately, scouting out those more willing to part with cash than put in the work of doing their homework for good grades. They had a pretty good system going, as Eddy had accrued an unusually high number of clientele that demanded their work. Edd figured he must have been working himself harder than normal, pitching their offer to as many classes as possible.
Edd’s only contribution was to do his homework and let Eddy handle the rest. “It’s simple. Do your homework a day early so everyone else can copy it,” Eddy had said. The one area th
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Chemical Ed-traction: Chapter 2
Chapter 2- Study Ed, Play Ed
Over the month, Edd’s enthusiasm for coming to school didn’t diminish in the slightest. If anything, it only increased. Yes, there was the mental challenge and friends to look forward to, but the one thing that topped his list and set his feet racing through the halls to another day of learning was the Advanced Chemistry class. Each day, Marie displayed more of a side he never knew that stimulated a connection between their minds, almost as if he had found a fellow peer that shared his love for the subject.
Yes, there were still the barrage of flirtatious remarks from Marie. She continued to do her best to whisper suggestive things that made him hot under the collar or approach him in ways that ripped him out of his element and placed him far outside his normal comfort zone.
One particular instance, in showing him how she measured out the exact sample for a corrosive compound, she had stood behind him, with her arms wrapped around his wai
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End of the Universe: Chapter 13
Chapter 13- Air Superiority
Okay, the shield is holding, the shield is holding. I repeated the mantra to myself, wanting it to be true and knowing it wasn’t. The cracks were healing too slowly and my mind felt like it was about to snap in two as I gave my all to repair the damage. Another plane dived from the sky above, battering us with bullets and reset my hard work, lengthening the breaks in the shield.
“Listen, everyone head to the forest and spread out!” Blaze said, ordering pairs of soldiers in different directions. “On my word, run as fast as you can and meet back at the vehicles!” Then she leaned in to my ear. “How long can you keep this up?”
Judging from the shield’s thin, almost transparent width, I shook my head. “Not much longer.” Sweat dripped down my eyelids, watering my view of the shield and the planes raging above. The flashes of crimson from the biplanes speeding by and the booming shots from the flags
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End of the Universe: Chapter 12
Chapter 12- Pricey Exchange
Blaze drove like the devil through the desert and toward the White Jungle as evening settled in. We spotted the line of pure albino fronds within a couple of hours and burst through the trees. True to its name, the jungle was populated with white plants of all kinds that looked like crestfallen snow had blanketed the area. Or that the plants themselves were dying. Snowy bushes and vines raced past the window, and above us, a glowing white canopy soaked in the moon’s beams and blanketed the starry sky. Shadows of creatures darted out of our path, climbing up vines or scurrying along the white bark of tree trunks.
Nobody talked throughout the trip. The soldiers were silent and seemed to be replaying Nega’s threat and the death we heard. I did the same, wishing, hoping that everyone else was all right and that we could make it in time. Blaze gripped the wheel tight enough to break it and Gardon’s worried frown deepened when he checked o
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Chemical Ed-traction
Chemical Ed-traction
Edd stepped off the bus and shouldered his backpack. His chest swelled with pride at the sight before him: Peach Creek High. Others around him shuffled about with gloomy expressions and muttered unpleasant remarks under their breath. For the life of him, he couldn’t see why. This was the next step in their academic lives, the moment they felt closer to institutions of higher learning, and the first day of many enjoyable days of learning and scholastic knowledge in this new school year.
He straightened his tie and smoothed out his pressed vest, ready to meet his fellow students and academic professors with a big smile and a positive attitude. Edd was so excited and enamored with the thought of entering high school, he didn’t realize he was blocking the door to the school bus and preventing everyone else from disembarking.
“Come on, Sockhead,” Eddy said, pushing him along. “We got to make a good first impression and standing there
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Ed-ssertive Valentine
Ed-ssertive Valentine
“Twenty-five cents, please,” Edd said, holding up the glass jar to Johnny. The nearly bald boy dug into his pocket, pulled out a shiny quarter, and deposited it. Although Edd would be happy to let Johnny enter, he knew that Eddy would demand everyone pay. “And Plank?” he asked, turning the jar to the painted wooden board that Johnny cradled in the crook of his arm.
Johnny turned to Plank, watching his painted face for an answer. “Sure I got it, buddy,” he said and pulled another quarter out of his pocket. A forged wooden quarter. “Plank says he’s a little short this week. He can pay you on his next allowance.”
Edd plucked the quarter out of the jar, examining it and frowning. He didn’t want to make waves, but he knew Eddy wouldn’t accept that excuse. Then again, it was unfair to gouge Johnny twice for his unique friendship, so he lifted the curtain and welcomed the pair inside. “This wa
:iconthepenvsthesword:ThePenVsTheSword 5 13
End of the Universe: Chapter 11
Chapter 11- The Serpents’ Lair
From atop the bell tower, we could see the shapes in the water below. Long, monstrous shadows that slithered through the streets, circling our position nonstop, waiting for us to make the first move. On the bright side, they had stopped thrashing. I also noted that none of them seemed as large as the serpent of legend that sank the city. Offspring, perhaps?
Right now though, we were more concerned with leaving. “We should just go back the way we came. Climb up the rope,” one soldier said and pointed at me. “He could fly us up there one by one.”
“That hole is well within their reach. You would have to get close to them to climb out. And if these things are longer than they appear?” Gardon asked, looking at each soldier in turn. “They could break into that tunnel and swat you off the rope. Or swallow you whole like a worm on a hook.”
“What about digging a way out?” another suggested.
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Joys of Parenting: Grease Monkey
Grease Monkey
Tails entered the house, reeking of grease and oil and covered head to toe in black, slick stains that matted his fur. He set his toolkit by the door and pried off his googles, revealing his baby blue eyes, the only bit of him actually clean. There was nothing more cathartic than working in his garage all day, rebuilding engines, repairing machines, or even doing simple tune-ups. Somehow, he always managed to get so covered in grime that he could’ve passed for Shadow.
He entered the kitchen/dining room combo, where Cream was heating up a bottle on the stove. Against the counter that separated the kitchen from the dining room, Violet sat in her high chair, babbling and smacking her hands. On her high chair’s tray, Cheese snoozed peacefully. He had grown larger in recent years, or fatter as Tails thought, and his skin was a paler blue than it was in his youth. Other than that, he was the same cheerful Chao that often latched onto Violet ever since her bir
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End of the Universe: Chapter 10
Chapter 10- The Jewel of the Sea
The Princess and I hovered into the air and over to what appeared to be a rooftop. A wooden awning, faded and decayed to a sickly green, was strung around the building on one side, held aloft by log supports slotted into the stonework. As we landed, we looked over the edge. Underneath the water were submerged streets and small homes, their edges eroded so that they were more round than the buildings above the waterline. On the roof and on the walls, glowing orbs lit up the entire city, as if a fire burned bright inside them. Oddly enough, they seemed to be fashioned after the Sol Emerald. We were on the right trail then.
Stairs led up either end of the roof to other buildings. Unlike the buildings’ material, the stairs seemed to be constructed out of dried mud and clay. In the distance, decrepit swinging bridges connected verandas and rooftops separated by large portions of water.
I looked around, noting the solid structure of the cavernous
:iconthepenvsthesword:ThePenVsTheSword 3 2
Mature content
School Shadows :iconthepenvsthesword:ThePenVsTheSword 1 2
End of the Universe: Chapter 9
Chapter 9- Emerald Hunt
It was well past noon when anyone found me. A pair of hands rolled me over and I stared into Princess Blaze’s worried face. Gardon appeared too, calling over some soldiers. “Get the physician!”
The next thing I knew, we were in a tent outside of town and I was bandaged again. Princess Blaze and Gardon entered after the physician left and sat beside my bedroll.
“If we’re going to keep meeting like this, should we just bring our own bag of medicine for you?” Gardon said, joking. Concern in his eyes betrayed him as he gave me a once-over.
“It’s not as bad as it looks,” I said. Honestly, I was fine. I sat up, a little bruised and battered, but no worse for the wear. Princess Blaze helped steady me and I propped myself up on a low table in the tent. “Thanks.”
“Anytime,” she said. “I take it Nega did this?”
I nodded. “Yeah. He got here first and…” I didn&
:iconthepenvsthesword:ThePenVsTheSword 4 2
End of the Universe: Chapter 8
Chapter 8- Homecoming
Please make it, please make it, I chanted to myself, willing my body and my power to propel me faster and faster.
Below, the quiet countryside slept, as grass ruffled in the wind and cottages quietly extinguished their lights for the night. I had no time to enjoy the serenity. I was high above, pouring on more speed than I ever had before. My quills trailed behind me, whipping wild in in the wind. I kept my gaze fixated on the ever-growing mountains and my mind on the village beyond them.
Nobody traveled these mountains for good reason. A few from our village had been foolish enough to attempt it and we had never heard from them again. I got close to the mountains once, then thought better of it when I encountered the never-ending storms. The rain had been heavier than I had ever seen and even from the base of the mountain, the thunder had carried clear to my ears as if I was in the center of the storm itself.
I could’ve circled around the mountains,
:iconthepenvsthesword:ThePenVsTheSword 4 4
End of the Universe: Chapter 7
Chapter 7- Scene of the Crime
Dr. Eggman Nega. Dead as a doornail. My brain kept trying to wrap around that and didn’t really register the other part of the guard’s report until we reached the house with the dead bodies. “Murders”. As in, multiple. A couple of local constables stood at the doorway, one green in the face and his shoes covered in vomit. He looked as if he might be sick again, so I hurried inside with Princess Blaze and Gardon.
The town’s sheriff was at the scene of the crime, a serious weasel whose face scrunched in depression and disgust. As he left the bodies and met us in the foyer, he bowed. “Your Highness.”
“Is it really Dr. Eggman Nega?” she asked.
“As far as we can tell,” he said, straightening his blue uniform.
“The others?”
“Family of five. No survivors.”
She nodded. “Show me.”
The sheriff seemed to hesitate, but Princess Blaze stared him down and he bowe
:iconthepenvsthesword:ThePenVsTheSword 3 8


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Chapter 15- Metal Ghosts

The chateau was still and quiet, with nary a soul around. I slapped myself for my poor word choice. Each room we checked was the same: abandoned rotting furniture, old portraits and belongings, cracked trinkets on mantles and bookshelves, and the slime coating drenching it all. In fact, the deeper we went, the more thick and viscous the slime became, worse than the mud outside.

I jerked my foot forward, instantly plopping it down into the goo. “This stuff is going to slow us down,” I said. “You think you can burn it?”

“I can try,” she said, holding a fireball in her palm close to the goo. It receded a few inches, but it was slow going. And this method would take far too long.

“What about setting it on fire?”

“Even though the sea slime would burn, the carpet and wood panels beneath these areas would catch fire,” she said, gesturing to the ground and walls.

“Well, we could fly,” I suggested. “Or float.”

Blaze looked unsure and stood up. “I don’t know. I suppose floating would be fi-iine!” I lifted us into the air a few inches above the slime and she clung to me, digging her sharp claws into my back. I winced as she retracted her claws and realized that she was very close to the ground. “Oh, um, sorry. But warn me next time!”

“Right, I will,” I said, my lower back buzzing with sharp pinpricks of pain. “I think you drew blood.”

She held the light closer and checked the holes. “They’re small. You’ll be fine. Sorry again.”

Now that the pain was subsiding, I couldn’t resist getting in a small ribbing. “What was that you were saying earlier about ‘brave leadership’?”

“We need to continue,” she said, turning quickly and ignoring my question. “We have to make up for lost time.”

“Right,” I said, grinning cheekily. “After you.”

It was a good thing we started to float through the hall when we did. The slime coating rose as we drifted through the halls, completely obscuring the floors, and the stuck doors became hard to push open. We had to force our way through, banging the doors loud enough to wake the dead—phrasing!—and still, I didn’t see where it could all be coming from.

“Maybe it’s the plumbing,” Blaze said. “A castle in disrepair is bound to have leaky pipes.”

“But this bad?”

“It has been a long time since anyone has been here.”

I bumped into a bulging mass of the goo and it clung to my fur, matting it down in a yellow-green putrid mess. I made a face at it, disgusted by the smell and tried in vain to pull it out bit by bit. “It seems a bit much,” I said, then Blaze put an arm out in front of me, stopping me in my tracks and shining the candles at the floor.

Or what had been the floor. The hall ended in a dead drop down a sheer cliff to violent waves crashing against jagged rocks below. The water kicked high enough to splash our floor of the chateau and small droplets and sea spray kissed my cheeks nonstop.

“Where’s the rest of it?” I asked, dumbfounded by the obvious answer in front of me. As if I expected to find the rest of the chateau had been relocated elsewhere and this was a horrible mistake, I grabbed Blaze’s candle hand, guiding it to the right and left. Down to our left was the rest of the chateau, also cut off at various ends, with some halls passing ours and others shoved far back behind us. To our right was nothing but the curved edge of the cliff, rounding back to the Misty Marsh.

“This is all there is,” Blaze said. “The waves must have destroyed the chateau and cliff over time. And with how wet this carpet is now,” she said, pressing her boots deep into the saturated carpet and mildew, “I’m guessing during storms and high tides, this place gets flooded. The occasional tidal wave wouldn’t be out of the ordinary either.”

I thought back to the story of Hunnid and shivered. “So the rest of the chateau is gone?”

“Not necessarily,” she said, crafting a fireball and dropping it down to the rocks. It burst on a jagged piece and to my surprise, caught fire, spreading across the stone’s face. “I think we found the rest of the chateau.”

I peered down, confirming she was right. The “rocks” were actually various pieces of the chateau, towers and rooms that stuck out of the water, fighting the waves that threatened to submerge them.

“Some of it anyway,” Blaze added.

“At least we found most of it,” I said.

“But what if the part we didn’t find contains the Sol Emerald?” she asked.

I turned back to the crumbled pieces of the chateau. She was right. If the Sol Emerald had been in the very back of this place, it would have been one of the first rooms to go. It was certainly a possibility. Perhaps Hunnid thought that with the rough waves and steep cliff on one side, and his impregnable defenses in the front, the most secure area for the Sol Emerald was the rear of his home.

But that was one possibility. He could have also been paranoid enough to keep it in a tower, or the center of the chateau. There were other options. “We can’t worry about that now,” I said. “Best we can do is search the rest. If the Sol Emerald isn’t here, well,” I cast another glance at the debris below and shrugged, “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

“Yeah,” she said. “We should be getting back to rendezvous with the others, see if they found anything. Then we can decide what to do.”

With that plan, we turned left and called the pair of soldiers on our floor, planning to meet up with them and return to the foyer together. After all, safety in numbers.

However, we received no response on the walkie-talkie. “Must be a poor signal,” Blaze said.

“Yeah,” I said, agreeing, although neither of us seemed to buy it. We weren’t far out of range and I knew Nega’s technology. It was of the highest quality, no matter how small or innocuous. There was only one reason they wouldn’t be answering. We floated faster, quickly spot-checking the rooms to locate the missing soldiers.

Finally, we found them. And I wish we hadn’t.

In a study, one soldier was face-down in the mass of slime on the floor. The other was against the wall, his jaw slack in a silent scream. Blaze ran to the one in the slime, leaving me to check on the other. When I neared the soldier, I realized his back wasn’t just up to the wall, but he was pinned to it. The fletching of several arrows stuck out of the mesh around his neck and joints, and one long shaft protruded from his cheek. He was pale and not moving. My eyes drifted from the corpse to the other arrows that sunk in the muck and the red-stained slime beneath him. Judging by the large spread of the stain, we were too late.

“Silver,” Blaze said, beckoning me over. I joined her at her side and helped her roll over the fallen soldier. The slime was thick and tough around her body and several times, my hands almost got stuck. When we flipped the soldier over, strands of the slime snapped apart, releasing her face. She was covered from head to toe in goo, like the rest of the room, and her mouth and nostrils brimmed with the green slop.

Blaze checked her pulse and frowned. “She’s gone.”

“Nega?” I asked.

“Doesn’t seem like him. He would have taken them hostage again. Or zapped them.”

That was true, but I didn’t want to consider the alternative of another presence being in the chateau. I checked the ground where we found her. It was especially sticky, easy enough to trap someone. I checked the bottom and didn’t feel any floor. Only more emptiness, like a hole in the floor.

I turned to Blaze to ask for more light when I slipped and fell into the slime. My head buried half of itself in the sticky layer, with one eye above and one eye exposed to the filthy green. Blaze jumped up to my side and tripped as her foot sank deeper into the floor. I managed to twist my arm uncomfortably and catch her fall, righting her.

She sensed the next danger before I heard it. She jumped backwards onto a slippery, overturned sofa as three arrows whooshed through the air where she had been standing. The arrows sailed into the dead soldier on the wall, clinking against his armor and dropping harmlessly to the ground.

Blaze rushed to my side and grabbed my arm. Together, we lifted my body out of the slime, which left my quills standing up at odd ends. I’m sure the sight would have been funny any other time, but we were too busy catching our breath.

“Looks like some of the traps still work,” she said.

I nodded. “Yeah.” I was happy it wasn’t anything supernatural. This time. I borrowed the candles and confirmed my suspicions about the hole in the floor, then checked where Blaze had tripped. There seemed to be a pressure plate underneath the muck layer. Turning to the soldier who had drowned in the slime, I asked, “What do you think? Tried to dodge the arrows and choked to death?”

“That seems to be the case,” she said. She went to each soldier, closing their eyelids so the effect of their terrified expressions was much less chilling. She bowed her head at each, offering a moment of silent respect and prayer, and I did the same. Then with a heavy heart weighing down her gait, she stumbled to the door. “We should leave this room. Who knows what other traps could be in here?” I agreed and followed her out, watching my step.

“We need to be more cautious,” she said once we were outside and heading toward the first floor. “This place is dangerous.” She didn’t need to say it aloud, but I saw the self-blame in her eyes for the soldiers.

“You’re right,” I said, taking her hand. “We’ll be more careful.” I gave her fingers a gentle squeeze, assuring her the soldiers weren’t her fault. She moved closer to my side and II held the candelabra aloft as we made a quick sweep of any remaining rooms on the second floor. Once we finished, we descended the massive staircase, where the rest of the soldiers were waiting for us.

One of the other groups had been more successful than the rest of us. In one of the towers left standing, they had come across Hunnid Pumken’s journal. The soldiers excitedly showed us one of the entries. “He kept his treasure in an underground cellar, carved into the rock beneath the chateau,” one said. “All we have to do is find this cellar.”

“And if it crumbled into the sea too?” another soldier asked. They must have come across the collapsed rear of the chateau as well.

“Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t,” the first soldier said.

“He’s right,” Blaze said. “We should check the first floor once more, go over everything just to be sure.”

“Should we wait for the others?” the first soldier asked.

Blaze and I exchanged worried looks. “They won’t be coming,” Blaze said, then carefully relayed what we had discovered on the second floor.

Needless to say, the soldiers didn’t take the news well. Their courage melted before my eyes and one by one, they started prophesizing their own doom. “That’s it. We’ll die down here.”

“If the ghosts don’t get us first,” another said and she was whacked on the back of a head by a third.

“Don’t be an idiot. There are no ghosts. But Nega is on his way.”

“Or he could be here already,” a fourth said, whipping his head back and forth from corridor to corridor. “We would never see him coming. And now we have to deal with traps?”

“I would rather take my chances with Nega’s bucket of bolts than a death I don’t see coming,” the last soldier said.

“Maybe the ghosts activated the traps?” and the fear quickly dissolved into panic.

I looked to Blaze, who seemed to be having trouble addressing their concerns one at a time as she was bombarded with their wails. They needed her to guide them, keep them calm. Otherwise, we would never find the Sol Emerald and very likely die here.

With that thought in mind, I stepped between the soldiers, unsure what I was going to do exactly. So I winged it. “Hey! Hey!” I shouted. “Now if you don’t keep quiet, then Nega will find us or you will wake the dead and we’ll be in much worse trouble.” That stopped them, for a moment, and I had their attention. I had managed to stop their courage from receding completely. Now we had to push it back up to full.

“Are you forgetting something here?” I asked. “Sol Emerald, Nega, end of the world? Don’t you remember why we’re here?” I looked at each one of them. “If Nega gets his hands on the Sol Emeralds, then you won’t have to worry about some trap or ghost claiming you. Nega and Iblis will do that themselves. And I’ve seen this monster. Anything you can possibly dream up, this thing is worse. It’s something you never want to meet face-to-face, I assure you. If Iblis is woken, then this will seem like child’s play.”

I gave Blaze a quick glance and she caught on. I just had to set-up the target a little more and then she could knock it down with a solid punch. “If you want to keep Iblis at bay and save the world, you will need to confront this place head-on. After all, what happened to that bravery the Princess praised before? You’re the supposed to be ‘some of the bravest men and women’ that she had ever had the pleasure of having at her side.”

They seemed rather ashamed and fidgeted among one another. I took a step back and let Blaze take the stage. “The others,” she said, “Pip and Charlene met death head-on. I believe they would have. Because I have seen every other person we have met so far do the same. Not because they’re unafraid of death. But because they had the courage to face that fear. They knew they were standing up to a much worse fate and protecting those they cared about.” She paced around the group, among the soldiers as if to personally imbue each of them with her resolve. However, she seemed to constantly return her gaze to me, at first only when she passed. I thought it was my imagination at first. As she did it more, I became certain of it. She addressed the group as if looking out over them, but she was soon keeping one eye always on me. It made me feel special and the notion of us together cropped up within me again.

I shoved that train of thought aside and listened to her. “We all are afraid of dying on this journey and there’s no shame in that. We should be afraid. It keeps us fighting. Fighting against most certain death at the hands of a mad man who wishes to destroy everyone and everything we hold dear. I may die here, but if I have protected anyone at all, I know I can die in peace. What say you? Will you stand against the rising tide of Nega’s oncoming apocalypse? Will you declare ‘Not today’ to his evil? Will you help us preserve our world?”

The soldiers shuffled their feet with their heads down and I was afraid her speech had had no effect. Then one raised her head high. “I will stand with you, Your Highness.”

“As will I,” another said.

“And I.”

“Me too.”

“And me.”

I breathed easier and shot Blaze a thumbs-up from the edge of the group. She smiled, her eyes full of gratitude, and ordered her troops to fall in line. “Let’s get going then. We still have time before Nega arrives. Stick together, be safe, and we can find that emerald.”

I joined Blaze at her side as we re-entered the chateau’s depths. “Thank you,” she mouthed.

“Anytime,” I whispered.

*  *  *

For another hour, we searched the first floor with little luck. If there was a cellar, it was well-hidden. Then again, as I pointed out, “That means nobody has found the emerald yet.” That didn’t improve anyone’s hope.

Dawn was fast approaching and there had still been no sign of Nega. My nerves were on edge, as was the rest of the group. For all we knew, he had invaded the chateau and set his troops around every corner for an ambush. Of course, last time we hadn’t heard from him was only because he had been causing worse trouble elsewhere. I prayed Gardon and the others had made it back to the capital safely and that reinforcements were on the way. Who could say what Nega had planned?

We were nearing the broken ledge of the house that overlooked the vast sea. There was one last room to check, but so far, it was seeming like we would have to take the plunge and trench the sea if we hoped to find the emerald.

Blaze rounded up the group and marched us to the last room. One of the soldiers offered to enter first, poking his head in and checking the corners. “All clear,” he said, stepping inside.

In a flash, something shot down from the ceiling and snatched him up by his helmet. The appendage was made of slime, but I couldn’t be sure what it was. The next second, the door slammed shut in our faces with a resounding boom!

“Wynn!” a soldier called after their comrade. Blaze, the soldiers, and I took turns ramming our shoulders into the door, but it wouldn’t budge. Blaze considered lobbing a fireball until I reminded her of the woodwork. She snuffed the flame and hit the door again.

I tried to lift the door off its hinges. Yet something was holding it in place. I pulled hard, ripping the door out of the framework and a snaky trail of slime snapped back into the ceiling.

No one dared enter the room. Blaze and I peered inside and saw no sign of the soldier or his kidnapper. They were gone.

“It’s ghosts!” another soldier yelled. I sighed. We had gone at least an hour without losing our cool to specters and this wasn’t helping.

Blaze reached out for the soldier, but the soldier backed away. “Look, calm down,” she said. “There’s nothing to worry about. I’m sure Wynn is fine.”

The soldier shook her head. “We need to get out of here or we’re next.” Suddenly, the same trail of slime reached down, engulfed her head, and yanked her through the ceiling, crashing through the broken beams and timbers.

Blaze and I looked at one another. My money was on slime ghosts, hers was on a more grounded explanation that she didn’t have time to think through. We were both sure of one thing though. “Run!” she said.

We ran full-pelt to the severed edge of the chateau, all the while with parts of the ceiling collapsing behind us. Sticky pieces of goo splatted the ground all around, trying to snatch us up.

One soldier was grabbed by the back of his armor and hoisted into the air. Throwing caution to the wind, Blaze hurled a fireball straight at the angled slime arm. After it burned through the arm, I encased the fireball in a teal orb, suffocating the flame, then caught the soldier in a telekinetic hold, setting him on the ground. “Keep moving!” Blaze said. “Faster!” The soldier hopped to his feet and pumped his legs, passing Blaze and me easily.

We reached the end of the hall and gazed over the watery abyss. Dawn was not far off, but in this fog, we couldn’t see it at all. The ceiling continued to crack and fall apart behind us. Ahead was emptiness and deadly jagged pieces of the chateau. Behind was an uncertain doom.

“Look!” one of the soldiers pointed out. Blaze and I knelt and followed his fingertip to the cliffside below us. A good fifty feet down was a small opening, about ten feet high and wide.

“A tunnel?” Blaze asked.

“Or a secret cellar,” I grinned.

She looked behind us. The slime was almost on top of the group. “Let’s do it,” she said. “Everybody, hold on to one another.”

We latched arms and I lifted us out of the chateau and into the open air. Although there were less people to carry now, it was still a struggle. We glided out over the sea and I gently lowered us bit by bit.

Suddenly, the slime caught me by the arm and yanked me back toward the chateau. With one free hand, I held the others aloft. However, the glowing hues around them were fading as the slime broke my concentration. I created a bubble in my trapped hand, expanding the slime arm like a balloon and hoping to pop it. It clung to me, swinging me and the others back and forth as I fought.

“Silver!” Blaze shouted. “Swing us to the hole and I’ll hit the arm.” A pair of flames appeared in her hands. It took me a few moments to understand her plan. It was extremely dangerous and I steeled myself for it. The sharp rocks and building pieces below reminding me of what would happen if we missed the hole didn’t help. “Silver!”

“Yeah, I got it!” I said and swung the line of people back and forth. On the fourth swing, when they were near the hole, Blaze hurled her flames at the arm. It snapped, letting go of me and dropping all of us toward the water.

Using the trajectory of the swing, and the last little energy I had, a couple of the soldiers tumbled into the cellar, falling on top of each other. Blaze, the last soldier, and I clung to the edge, fighting to pull ourselves up. The soldiers in the cellar helped us inside and we all sat down for a minute to catch our breaths.

“I always figured ghosts were more clammy, not cold,” I finally said, rubbing the green slop off my arm.

Blaze chuckled airily and rooted through the slime, picking out a piece of metal. She took a deep breath before speaking. “I don’t think it was a ghost.”

“What would you say it was?”

“No idea,” she said, shrugging and handing me the metal piece. “Another trap of some kind?” She seemed to know more than she was saying about the piece and gave me a warning look not to tell anyone about it. I didn’t follow her thought process and stared at the metal piece. A really dangerous trap of some kind? That was just what we needed. More traps on top of Nega and everything else. Then again, could be worse. It might really be ghosts and that was a terrible combination.

As I stared at the piece, it seemed curved, like a finger. A metal finger like a robot. “Whatever it is,” Blaze said, cutting me off before I could exclaim what the finger belonged to, “I’m sure they’re still alive. We need to find the emerald and a way back up there to rescue our people.”

Despite my legs aching to rest and my head throbbing like I had actually fallen and busted it wide open on the rocks below, I pulled myself to my feet using the bricks on the wall. “Right behind you,” I said, helping her up. The soldiers rose as well and we stumbled on ahead, into the unknown underbelly of the chateau and an ever-closing robot army on our tail.

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End of the Universe: Chapter 15
Pen: Still sticking with the haunted house bit, huh?

Well, I kind of like it.

Pen: And you're okay with that?

Sword: *ties ascot around neck* Let's split up and search for clues, gang!

Okay, okay. We'll keep this moving. Thank you all for reading so far. We'd love to know what you think of the story below.

Silver, Blaze, and all related material belongs to Sega. The story, Sword, and Pen belongs to me. Please do not use without permission. Thank you.

Chapter 1: A Dead World
Chapter 2: One-Way Trip
Chapter 3: Back in Time
Chapter 4: Jewelry Heist
Chapter 5: Answers and Evidence
Chapter 6: Bed Rest
Chapter 7: Scene of the Crime
Chapter 8:
Chapter 9: Emerald Hunt
Chapter 10: The Jewel of the Sea
Chapter 11: The Serpents' Lair
Chapter 12: Pricey Exchange
Chapter 13: Air Superiority
Chapter 14: Chateau de Pumken
Chapter 15: You are here.

Chapter 4- Sorry, My Ed

Later that day, Edd swung by the nurse’s office, hoping to find Marie being tended to by the nurse. Unfortunately, he was too late. “No need to worry,” the nurse assured him about her injury. “A bruise and some swelling, but as long as she takes it easy for a few days, she’ll be fine.”

That was one burden off his chest and he searched high and low for Marie the rest of the day with no luck. Therefore, he resolved to come into school tomorrow during detention and catch her. She won’t be able to lose me in there.

Sure enough, early Friday morning she was in the Advanced Chemistry class, her chin in her hand while the teacher was engrossed in work on his computer. The classroom was dead empty otherwise, and completely quiet. As soon as she saw him, she tightened a fist, giving him second thoughts of approaching her. Still, they had to confront this head-on. The longer he allowed this incident to fester, the worse it would be in the long run.

He took a seat beside her and leaned over. “Marie,” he said and she turned away from him.

The teacher looked up from his monitor and blinked in surprise at the unexpected guest for detention. “Eddward?” he asked. “May I help you with something?”

“No, sir,” he said. “I needed to ask Marie about, uh, some homework.”

“That can wait until later. Right now she is in detention until the first bell and no talking is permitted. Please find another seat away from one another.” His eyes flitted back and forth between the two students, as if afraid another fight would break out.

“Very well,” Edd said and took a seat a row over from and parallel to Marie. During the rest of detention, he kept trying to catch her eye, mouth to her, or gain her attention. She refused to look his way, facing the wall instead. Once the first bell sounded to announce to students that class would begin shortly, Edd stood and reached out for Marie. She was quicker on the take, already out the door with her backpack.

Edd tried to follow and was shoved backwards by the incoming crowd of students. By the time he fought his way through the throng, she was gone again.

Like yesterday, Edd didn’t see Marie at all during school. He searched for her at lunch, but there was no Kanker in sight. His friends didn’t seem to mind. Eddy was too busy fanning out a stack of bills in front of them at their lunch table.

“Check it, boys,” he said. “Our cut of the profits, minus some expenses. Enough to get something for Homecoming. We probably got enough here for a limo too.” Edd absent-mindedly did a quick calculation of the money and estimated there may be enough left over for a taxi at best. Eddy divided up the money between them evenly. “Get yourselves something sharp and stylish. Ed, you better not buy any comics with this.” Ed whimpered, jutting a quivering lip, but Eddy jammed a warning finger in his face. “No. Comics.”

Edd pocketed the money, paying more attention to Marie’s absence. It was becoming clear to him that he couldn’t corner her at school. There was only one option left that he could think of, one place to return to. And it terrified him.

*  *  *

That weekend, Edd once again stood in the middle of the nefarious trailer park, wondering what insanity possessed him to put himself here once again. Last time was the only time he had been lucky to come out intact. And now he was staring down the Kanker trailer, opening the screen door and raising an unsteady hand.

I must be out of my mind, he thought as he knocked on the door. He alternated between short, loud knocks, and quiet taps. Even his body couldn’t decide if he should go through with this or not, and part of him hoped no one was home.

Fortune did not favor him. “Who’s making that racket this early? Can’t a girl shower in peace?” someone yelled inside. The door swung open and Lee stood there, in all her majesty, with a scratchy pink fur robe tied around her and a large towel haphazardly wrapped around her head. “I’ll murder ya if ya don’t get out of here in—Oh, it’s you,” she said, her hands on her hips. “What do you want?”

“Um, is Marie at home?” Edd asked, planting his feet firmly into the ground so they didn’t wobble as much. “I need to talk to her.”

“Darn right, you need to talk to her,” Lee said, leaning against the doorway. “That was cold, what you did.”

Edd almost blurted out, “What I did?!” but remembered that he was here to better the situation, not make things worse. “Is she inside?”

“She’s out,” Lee said, picking her teeth and flicking bits of food onto the carpet. “Good thing too. I ain’t had a moment’s peace for the past few days. It’s nonstop about you. Hopefully, she won’t be back for a while. If you need to talk to her, I think you know where to find her.”

He did? Edd ran through a list of possibilities in his mind. School? No. The cul-de-sac? Not likely, unless she wanted to beat someone up. The forest for a walk? Doesn’t really seem like her style. Then it clicked. The junkyard.

Lee noted the realization on his face. “There you go.”

From in the trailer, May called, “Dibs on the shower!”

Lee whirled around with a growl, slamming the door shut. “I’m still in there!”

“I don’t see you in there! I need to get ready for my date!”

“Me too!” Loud fighting and cursing ensued, so Edd tip-toed away, not wanting to get caught in the middle of that argument too.

He made haste to the junkyard, running as fast as he could. The junkyard was closed for the weekend and the property shut with a locked gate, but that had never stopped any of the neighborhood kids before. Edd located the two boards in the fence that everyone knew split apart and wedged himself through the tight-fitting gap. Getting a little too big for this.

Once through, he scanned the piles of trash and debris everywhere. If one man’s trash was another man’s treasure, then this was a dragon’s horde to somebody. Worn tires, construction equipment, and general garbage rose high into mountains, each seemingly crowned by a beat-up, dilapidated car. Edd couldn’t deny there was some hidden value here. After all, besides finding intriguing items here, he and his friends had often scavenged the junkyard for scam props when they couldn’t find materials at home to use.

But there was no time for wistful remembrance. He had to find Marie. He began his trek, wandering through and around mountains of trash, afraid he would run into her around any corner. He didn’t and each time she didn’t appear, his lungs deflated. But his heart remained in his throat, nervous about each prospect when he rounded a hill. If she was there, it would be time to face the wrath. If not, it was only a delay of the inevitable.

He didn’t even know what he would say. All day and all night he had racked his brain with no success. He wanted to apologize properly, yet he expected one in return. She had gone from simply mad to irrational with that acidic mixture. Yet at the same time, he was scared. Scared about the outcome, about what could happen, about not learning what more there was to her anger, and, most of all, losing her.

After all, he had enjoyed his time with her during the pleasant moments. And he yearned to return to that. But on the dangerous precipice which he now stood, the stable ground of flirtatious friendship and sharing interests seemed to be on the other side of a canyon from him, unreachable unless some miracle flitted him to the other end.

Edd stopped and cocked an ear. In the distance, he heard someone rummaging through metal objects and a distant car horn. The horn shut off after a few seconds. It had to be Marie! He turned in the direction of the noises and ran full-sprint for the lion’s den.

He stopped beside a beat-up Volkswagen and peered over the hood. In the middle of a small clearing, there were a few crash test dummies and a camera beside them. Much to his chagrin, the dummies had been crudely painted with black scalps and red shirts. Various instruments of torture laid strewn around them: buzzsaws, heavy furniture, ropes to draw and quarter bodies. All of them seemed to be missing at least one limb. Another series of horror movie special effects, he supposed. He gripped his black beanie and checked his own limbs, ensuring they were still attached.

Definitely Marie’s camera, he thought, noting the scorch marks on the camera in the dirt. But where is the director?

“What are you doing here?” someone behind him asked.

Edd jumped and looked down. There, glaring up at him with a red, bloodshot eye, was Marie.

“I, uh, the thing is…” he stammered, unsure how to start this. All the vague notions of how to approach her had been spooked out of him by her sudden appearance.

“Spit it out,” she said. “I’m busy.”

Dismembering me, he thought, glancing quickly at the dummies. Still, better to take her anger out on those things than him. “Lee told me I could find you here,” he said. “I was hoping we could talk.”

“About what?” she said. Her eye seemed darker than normal until he realized that she had bags under it.

Probably up late conjuring revenge scenarios. “We never finished Thursday.”

“You’re right about that,” she said, cracking her knuckles. “We didn’t. I still owe you a punch or two.”

He couldn’t let himself be intimidated. Not again. There was no school official to stop her this time. Afraid as he might be, he had to put on a brave face. If only to hold her at bay for a few more minutes. Using the Volkswagen for support for his body, he crossed his arms. “I think your damage to my notebook did more than enough. I lost a couple of pages’ worth of notes. Not to mention the food you dumped on me.”

“That’s not good enough for what you did,” she said.

“What I did?!” She was still being unreasonable about this? “What you did! Lest we forget, you started this!”

He heard her teeth grind in her skull and saw the throw as soon as her hands grabbed him. In an instant, he was sailing through the air and tumbled underneath some garbage. Specifically, he realized as he shook his vision clear and looked up, a broken-down dog house. The irony wasn’t lost on him.

She stomped over, ripping him out from underneath the doghouse by his leg, then shoved him against a mountain of garbage. Marie jammed her palm into his chest, holding him in place while she wound up her other fist, cracking her knuckles and limbering up her wrist with a few twirls.

Despite the impending doom on his skull, Edd wasn’t concerned with any bodily harm. Instead, he was staring wide-eyed at her. Past the anger in her eyes and deeper. For only a moment, a very brief moment, she had dropped her guard. It was like a door had opened and he had jumped inside to safety, accidentally viewing the inner parts of her soul.

He saw a look of betrayal. Honest-to-goodness betrayal. She genuinely believed he had stabbed her in the back somehow and that was the source of her anger.

As he ran through every possible scenario where he could be at fault, another wave of realization swept over him. He had seen that exact look once before. A few years ago, back on a friend’s face.

It was the same expression Eddy had on the day they had met Eddy’s brother.

That day, Eddy had had his carefully built façade of coolness and how close he was with his even cooler big brother, whom he looked up to, shattered into a million pieces. His brother had in one fell swoop betrayed Eddy and left him lying on the ground, upset and exposed to all those he knew.

Now when Edd gazed down at Marie, he had seen the same exact expression and understood why. Whereas Eddy had his defenses stripped away without consent, Marie had naturally lowered hers for him. She had never done that before for Edd. There was always the impenetrable wall of misunderstanding between the Eds and the Kankers, which contributed to their fear of the sisters.

But she had let him in for brief visits, allowing him inside and showing parts of herself he never knew. Her own love for chemistry that seemed to mesh with his in its odd manner; her creativity that, quite frankly, rivalled his own work on scams; and her honest interest in him. Her coy, flippant nature hadn’t been meant to drive him off. That wasn’t Marie playing games. That was just Marie, the normal Marie, the Marie she showed to everyone and he was most familiar with. Yet he had been given the privileged access few others had been granted to see the truth underneath, to witness her real feelings and that, like the tip of an iceberg, there was so much more beneath the surface of her outer nature. That whatever he thought he saw on top did not fully represent what she truly thought.

And he had squandered this rare opportunity by not realizing it earlier. She had let him in and because of that, he had been able to unknowingly tear down the tender areas that made up the inner lining of her hard shell. He had betrayed her and while he was not completely in the wrong due to his ignorance, he wasn’t completely in the right either.

“Hey!” Marie said. Edd shook his head and closed his dry, gaping mouth. He had zoned out and the here and now came back into focus. “Where’d you go? Wishing you weren’t here right now?”

He studied her bloodshot eye, counting the bags underneath it. There was a puffy and had a pink tinge to her eye. Lee’s words rang in his ears. That was cold, what you did, her voice reminded him and he put the pieces together, feeling worse still. I ain’t had a moment’s peace for the past few days. It’s nonstop about you.

“I’m sorry,” he said quietly.

Restarting her wind-up, Marie asked, “What was that? I can’t hear you.”

He cleared his throat. “I’m sorry,” he said louder and looked her in the eye, wanting to apologize for everything he had done to her. His tongue wouldn’t loosen from the sticky roof of his mouth. All he could manage was, “Just…sorry.”

Her hold went slack and her arms dropped down to her sides. She stared at him, gauging his sincerity. His frown didn’t express a quarter of how heavy his head and heart felt. He imagined her, at home in her trailer, about in the same position Eddy had been after his big brother humiliated him. Or out here at the junkyard, destroying the replicas of him. Instead of fear at her fury, there was a somber, sad tone to the thoughts that made Edd want to comfort her.

A few short moments passed and Marie’s shoulders slumped. “Yeah. Sorry too,” she said, just as sincere for her part in all this. Without another word, she shuffled away, absent-mindedly giving a weak kick to any rocks in her path.

Edd wanted to reach out to her. Wanted to ask her to forget this all ever happened and start again. But he was stuck in trance, unable to break free until she was out of sight and out of the junkyard.

When the feeling finally returned to his body, he berated himself for not going after her. He made up for it by racing around the piles of trash, searching for her. His lungs all too soon burned from all the overexertion today and he slowed to a stop, wheezing and holding onto a piece of plywood for support.

Not like we could start over or forget all that happened, he thought, reasoning with himself. Or start anything at all at this point. They had both hurt each other and would need time to heal and recover.

He had managed to stop their relationship from crashing into a pit beyond the point of no return. But they were still in a precarious and miserable slump, teetering on the edge. He wanted— no, needed to fix it, make up for his foolish and blind mistakes, and start the uphill climb back to where they were.

But how?

His eyes roamed the junkyard, vainly searching for some inspiration. And to his surprise, he actually found it. Laying on top of a trash can was a cheap, garishly orange tuxedo. If it wasn’t complete with a bow tie and cummerbund, Edd would have taken it for a leisure suit.

The tuxedo sparked the beginnings of an idea. The basic outline and the more he thought about it, the more the details filled in and took form to reinforce the plan.

Renewed with a sense of urgency, Edd pressed through the junkyard entrance and raced back to the cul-de-sac. He had to pick up his money from the cut Eddy gave him yesterday. After all, he had to make sure he looked “sharp” for this to work.

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Chemical Ed-traction: Chapter 4
Real quick, this was pretty hard to write. But we had fun doing it and still love getting into the minds of these charcters. It's actually been really hard managing this one. We got good news though.

Sword: What's that?

We're reaching the end. We also have bad news.

Pen: If it's we're reaching the end, I'll slap you, because that's the best news I've heard all day.

...It might be. *slap* Ouch. Well, enough shenanigans. Thank you all for reading so far and please let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you. Stay tuned for more!

Ed, Edd, n Eddy and all related material belongs to Danny Antonucci and Cartoon Network. The story, Sword, and Pen belong to me. Please don't use without permission. Thank you.

Chapter 1: Chemical Ed-traction
Chapter 2: Study Ed, Play Ed
Chapter 3: Do You Deny Ed?
Chapter 4: You are here.
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This week's most voted piece is 52Hz by Eimer by :iconeimer:! Congratulations! So this week, we'll be choosing some from his favorites!

The art is below. Please vote for one of them. Artists in the selection can vote as well, but not their own work.

I am only a man. by glitchritual After The Rain by Intercepto fuchur by B1indy
Katia by janaschi forgotten place by MatzeFatzle Princess' wolves by hugo-richard
4 by IvanKhomenko Sentinel by pascalblanche Drow Ranger by yakonusuke
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